Sunday, 8 July 2012

I no longer have OCD.

I have decided to no longer have OCD (easier said than done).  It upset me the other day when my husband told me he thinks he will be dead by the time he is 50.  He claims it's not all the stress I put him under but I think differently, so that's it!   I am no longer going to have OCD!

I am worried about things poisoning my loved ones but ironically I am probably more likely to send them off early through stress!

So when my husband wanted to take the baby off to his Granny's farm, I really did not want her to go, I said yes.  There was one condition, he had to take the cot.  He was orignally talking about them both sleeping in the bed!  I don't think this was a lot to ask.  Rang them this morning and they are both still alive, just glad I wasn't there to witness all the muck, not to mention the dirt and dust in the house.  Looking foward to seeing them both later, I think this was a good move foward.


  1. Hi Flossie! Just found your blog. Welcome to the world of blogging! I think you will find it a compassionate, understanding place. I've made some truly wonderful blogging friends.

    I think it's AWESOME that you let your husband take your baby to the farm. Really great job!

  2. Dear Flossie, Thank you so much for visiting and joining my blog and commenting. I'm glad that I found your blog!

    Congrats on taking a big step and letting your husband take the baby to the farm. I don't think it was too much too ask, or an OCD thing to ask him to take the cot for the baby.

    Are you receiving any treatment for OCD? I have been helped a lot by medication and therapy.

    Take care,

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  3. Thanks Guys,

    Baby came back from the farm okay. I was delighted to see her and she is still in one piece. My husband made me laugh though as he was kind of stressed on his return (3 hour journey in the car with her!) Ha ha! and said he fed her from the jar, as the kitchen didn't look too clean- I think I am rubbing off on him.

    Tina I was recieving CBT for my OCD for 4 years, I know all the exercises and what I need to do but without someone pushing me I found I slipped back into my old ways. Unfortunately therapy is expensive and we don't get any help with medical care in Ireland! Mental health is obviously not a priority for our government. My husband and I have very little spare cash so had to give it up. Used to take prozac considering going back to the doc to try it again. But decided to start to push myself again with the exercises, did them before because my therapist made me, now going to do it because I love my family and can't keep causing them stress, which I think is a better incentive! Feeling positive and strong at the moment.