Monday, 9 July 2012

Going to touch my baby's hand!

I have decided to start to push past my comfort zones and increase my exposure to OCD issues.  Today I am going to let the cat in for a while (she's been living in the shed since the baby came) and I am going to touch my daughters hand.  I haven't touched her hand since she was born (don't worry I still cuddle her, play with her and pick her up) It's just that I have cuts on my hands from washing them too much, so the skin dries out and spilts and I am scared of giving her AIDS if I touch her hand and she then puts it in her mouth.
Will do it today! I am actually looking foward to it!


  1. Hey good for you! It is hard to push ourselves when we don't have a therapist on "our backs" so to speak. Looking forward to hearing how it went. Good luck!

    1. Well did it and didn't feel too bad. But freaked later in the day when I let the cat in for a short spell, then realised she had something on her fur- was it dirt? led to five handwashes but refrained from changing my clothes so wasn't all bad.